Is R5 the Long-Term Answer?

Photo Credit: Autosport
  • Guillaume Mathieu

    Maybe but when you think about it 5/8 cars are from 2 manufacturers (Peugeot SA and Volkswagen AG). I can’t believe them having again 2 or 3 teams even if it happened in the 20s. And Proton might be owned by one of these two companies soon.
    And budgets in R5 are growing because of Soda official teams that made Msport build 3 evos, psa is working too. Enable them to become 1st league, manufacturers would spend more millions in development and budget skyrocket.
    That said, I might prefer a corner with Mikkelsen in its Fabia vs Al quassimi in its c3. And some Renault fiat or Toyota, why not a mini R5 would be fine too ;)

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