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Elfyn Evans, or should we start calling him Hulk?

Perhaps this shock therapy is exactly what Elfyn Evans needed in his career. Maybe he needed to see and realize things will sometimes align against you, and this is when you should be strongest and bring out the best in you. It is possible that a straight talk from M-Sport boss could have yielded a...


Shakedown photos, 2016 Rallye Monte Carlo

Here are some of the images from team’s and promoter’s archives, covering the shakedown session of 2016 Rallye Monte Carlo. Today, we’re hours away from the first proper stage – this year is going to be a grand one, “I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in...


Shake it down, we’re rolling once again!

Why people hate Mondays I can understand, but why would anyone hate January is beyond me. Sure it’s cold and foggy and either wet or freezing, but it is when our, fortunately very short, WRC break ends as we head down (some for real, some by wishful thinking) to the south of France for yet...


Who Will Be This Year’s Monte Surprise?

If someone were to ask you what makes Rally Monte Carlo so unique, the answers would be too numerous to count. Where to begin? How about the glamor of the ceremonial start in Monaco? Perhaps you would mention the heritage of the rally and the legends who have driven over its stages through the years....


Episode 1 – “How to get started” by Hayden Paddon

Just in case you did not know it by now – Hayden Paddon is something else. Last year he spoiled us with his regular and very engaging Q&A sessions on Twitter, and he was always available for a chat or an insight, but this year he is taking it one step further. This video is...


VW decapitoed; Jost could not stand winning all the time

Jost Capito has had enough. Too many victories, celebrations, titles… There comes a time when you just cannot stand it anymore. Always the same interviews, explaining why is your team so good, all while you’re hoping for some challenge, a couple of bad weekends, maybe even a disappointment or two. That’s what makes things interesting!...

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