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Mikko Hirvonen to start a big Mini adventure

Motor sport drivers rarely really quit. They just switch from one way of pushing the limits to another, whether it’s weekend racing or rallying or some other kind of top involvement, but in a different discipline. Same goes for Mikko Hirvonen. The World Rally Championship no longer interested him, which I still find a bit...


R5… Coming to America!

Newry, Maine… it probably doesn’t mean anything to most of you reading this in Europe, but here in the USA, it is the home of the New England Forest Rally, part of the Rally America National Championship. Having been to the rally several times as a spectator, I can attest that this rally has long...

Andreas Mikkelsen (NOR), Ola Fløene (NOR)
Volkswagen Polo R WRC (2015)
WRC Rally Poland 2015 8

New rules are nice, but what will they cost?

Yesterday, we were all about “wow” and “yes!” and “finally!” when the news about the new 2017 WRC regulations broke out. It was a good day of smiling faces and hope for a better, stronger, lighter and more exciting future. But will this future also be affordable and/or sustainable? I want to believe. I want...

WRC RALLY PORTUGAL  2015  - PHOTO : CITROEN RACING/AUSTRAL 12 Citroen Total Abu Dhabi WRT,	Al Qassimi Khalid, Patterson Chris, DS 3 WRC, Action 2

380 horsies and meaner looks? Sure!

We’re on a roll with the good news around here, aren’t we? By around here I mean in and around the World Rally Championship. We had some fantastic battles recently, Toyota is coming and Hyundai confirmed they are going to build an R5 car, while Citroën is again thinking about luring Sebastien Loeb back to...

2015 Poland Rallye WRC

copyright: Hyundai Motorsport 0

R U gonna R5 2, Hyundai?

Lovely title, isn’t it? :( But the occasion really is lovely, for today we have learned that one of our favourite teams (it’s right there on equal points with others, in terms of likability) will also develop an R5 version of their existing WRC machine. That team is Hyundai Motorsport and their R5 contender should...

TMG Yaris WRC Test
19th-21st March 2014. 
Italy. 2

Mäkinen to decide whether the existing Yaris WRC is any good

That didn’t take long: yesterday we were left hanging, with unanswered questions concerning big changes happening in and around Toyota’s WRC project, today some answers are already here. I know Tommi Mäkinen is fast, but this is genuinely nice to see. They could have remained silent, of course, but they didn’t and I like that....

Fiesta Greece 10

Dirt Rally: A Review From A Rally Perspective

It’s hard to believe that nearly 3 months have already passed since Codemasters surprised us all by releasing Dirt Rally for early access. In all honesty, like many rally purists, I had become a bit disillusioned with the direction Codemasters was taking the Dirt franchise over the past years. The Ken Block Gymkhana vibe just...

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Toyota confirms Tommi Makinen, doesn’t mention TMG

Fans probably should not be too interested in politics and they also should not care much about things happening in the background. We should simply sit tight and put on a happy face for Toyota’s WRC comeback in 2017. In the end, even if they, and by they I mean Toyota Motors Corporation, suddenly went...

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