Solberg pushing hard, but in wrong places

Petter Solberg really excelled in Rallye Monte carlo, grabbing third place and boosting his own confidence after joining Ford as second priority driver. But Norwegian was not applying his flat-out approach only on special stages after news broke out he got caught exceeding speed limit within Monte Carlo city limits.

Solberg was caught going well over city’s usual 50 km/h speed limit. As Maxrally and other media report, Solberg was clocked doing 106 km/h. His explaination of the incident made no difference and FIA stewards issued him with a reprimand and suspended ban if he commits similar “crime” in future.

Norwegian claims he accelerated in order to pass slower car but then he braked immediately and reduced speed. Suspended ban relates to upcoming Swedish Rally and will be applied if he is caught again exceeding speed limit by 50% or more in any of the six following rallies. Oddly worded?

Source: Maxrally