Czech Republic should get WRC slot

Not long ago we learned about FIA plans to move World Rally Championship to other regions of the world, instead of running most of it’s events in Europe. To some extent we agree that WRC should do more to justify the “W” in it’s name, but this fix is not so easy to apply if FIA decides to keep strict standards regarding events organization, which it should.

As iRally reported earlier, event organizers could be faced with “pay-to-play” option by future new media rights holder, if they wish to keep their slot in WRC calendar. One possible side effect to this scenario is running rallies in countries with enough money to pay for calendar spot, regardless of the fact if country or region has any tradition or understanding of rally sport. At the same time, one country in Europe lives and breathes rally, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year!

To Czechs rally is more than just another motor sport. It’s actually quite difficult to explain why Czech Republic is so deeply in love with rallying, but then again, what’s there not to love about rally!? To Czechs it does not matter if rally is local, national or international – they’ll flood the stages regardless and they’ll be there cheering and supporting the crews, in snow, rain and night. You can see Czech national flags being waved all around the world – they just love rally. Yet, World Rally Championship still has no event in Czech Republic.

We will not even try to dive into murky waters of international motor sports politics and finance, instead we’re writing this as a tribute to Czech rally fans and their efforts in keeping the rally among the most popular sports in their country, and they spare no effort or money to spread that love all across the world.

Among possible European candidates to enter WRC calender we would put Czech Republic to the very top of the list.

As a side note, author of this text and blog is not Czech! :)