Becs Williams leaves World Rally Radio

Just when we thought World Rally Radio will not make any changes to it’s winning team… According to report by World Rally Radio, well known voice and character of Becs Williams will no longer be a part of that team. Quite shocking news was just published moments ago on World Rally Radio’s Facebook profile.

Report does not mention details about Becs’ future plans or reasons for her departure and it’s currently unknown if she will remain in WRC quarters. We can only agree with comments by shocked fans and say she will be missed on air.

UPDATE: Tweet by Becs: “I am not leaving the WRC at all. Do not for one minute think I would abandon what I love. Watch this space…”

Click for full WRR statement.

World Rally Radio’s announcement:

It is with enormous sadness that we have to announce that Becs Williams is leaving us after 10 remarkable years with World Rally Radio.

Becs has been the backbone of World Rally Radio and the Voice of the Championship for a decade, and has made World Rally Radio the international success it is.

She is looking for new challenges: we have done our very utmost to persuade her to stay; we are all very sad indeed to lose her, and we wish her all possible success and happiness in the future.

The last thing Becs would want is to see the end of what she has helped create, and this to reassure everyone that World Rally Radio is of course continuing.

We will go live once again in just under 2 weeks’ time at Qualifying for Sweden. More details next week: why not show your appreciation of Becs in the Comments below…

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