Former WRC cameraman reviews Eurosport take on Monte broadcasting

Colin “Voice of Rally” Clark asked his Twitter followers for opinions on Rallye Monte Carlo review written by experienced WRC cameraman and long term member of a team which covered World Rally Championship during previous years. In his blog Andrew Short expressed his view and detailed review of all 5 days of rally around Valence and Monte Carlo, with Eurosport HD footage attached.

Reading through all five blog posts reveals very detailed approach by Short, who spare no effort in transcribing almost every second of the footage. Not surprisingly, member of the former WRC filming crew wasn’t so keen on turning a blind eye on several obvious mistakes done by Eurosport’s crew. But given the amount of time latter had to prepare for Monte coverage one would think they did a solid job. At the very least, they filmed the rally, right?

We agree with some comments posted on Short’s reviews, pointing out few key facts Eurosport should really work on to improve – their scripting and editing could use some love in order to bring more sync and video games kind of effects are fine for intro shots and some fillers, but they do get quite annoying after a while. If WRC broadcasting indeed ends up in Eurosport’s hands we can only hope they will do better job than in Monte.

Take a look at Andrew Short’s blog by clicking here.