iRally reports: Eurosport debate still going on!

The way this year started it seems we will see equally exciting things happen on and off the World Rally Championship rallies and stages. Translated, the drama regarding TV broadcasting is still far from over and contrary to previous reports, iRally now reveals talks are still in progress between Eurosport and FIA.

iRally’s extensive reporting finally sheds more light into this foggy situation with details about the most likely causes of painfully long and exhausting negotiation between FIA and Eurosport.

It’s possible that European Employment Law may be the actual sticking point that has ended talks between the two parties – at least for now. The Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment legislation – TUPE – provides for the protection of jobs in certain situations, for example takeovers or transfers of work or contract.

According to the report, Eurosport might get broadcasting deal for Sweden and Mexico.

More details in article on iRally.