Report: No global promoter for WRC

Colin Clark has his sources and despite the now infamous “distinctive sound” mishap in Rallye Monte Carlo, Mr. Stage End Reporter is usually on the ball. Well, this is one occasion we are hoping he is not right and his sources did not have the valid bit of into.

According to Colin’s recent tweet, FIA “gave up” on trying to find global TV promoter and broadcaster for World Rally Championship for this year. No wonder as Eurosport was the only viable option and with the collapse of negotiations between the two sides FIA is now apparently in a very difficult situation.

What this means is individual WRC events will have to sort out their own deals regarding TV filming and broadcasting of their events. In the age of global communications and social networking it is almost unthinkable to have a World Championship category competition without major promoter and top notch TV coverage. Yet, it seems this is what we should expect from WRC 2012.

However, as motorsport photographer Colin McMaster replied, “This is how it was during the most popular years of WRC”. While this may be true, we cannot help but fear how such concept would work now, with every major sport competing for TV minutes and fans. Not to mention the fact that, if reports are true, events are now faced with difficult task of negotiating deals with TV.

Unless Eurosport have plans for that and there is a concept in place for individial coverage of each event. Surely there is more to this story so we can only wait for more info from sides involved.