Rally Sweden secures divine support

We cannot help but smile and feel encouraged by the stream of news coming from the cold North. Rally Sweden is shaping to be as spectacular as ever despite problems laid on before the organizers by the FIA and it’s inability to secure media coverage and TV broadcasting.

Earlier news revealed Swedish organizers plan to employ experienced Finnish filming studios to cover the action on and around the stages, but this is not all the help Swedish rally can hope for.

As MaxRally reports, Swedish rally will enjoy divine support from none other than God. True to the nature of Rally Sweden and it’s importance and tradition in Sweden, local communities and institutions are getting involved, proving once again that this event really is one of the most precious ones on the calendar.

MaxRally claims Rally Sweden will be supported by local churches – from providing spectators with refreshments to holding services and creating good atmosphere around the track.

Perhaps FIA should also look up for an inspiration or guidance, but please take your time. It’s not like season is already underway.

Full story on MaxRally.


Photo: Leolund – Panoramio