Who gets Sordo’s Monte Carlo points?

Despite subject being thoroughly debated and discussed yesterday, we’re still left with some questions unanswered regarding the new organization of Mini’s WRC programme.

For example, if we consider Mini’s official racing colors to be red, black and white, and new semi-factory team is dressed in black livery does that mean Prodrive’s cars get to keep their current colors? In that case Mini should employ some people to spread the knowledge to the fans on stages because it will be kind of hard to keep up.

Next one is about the points scored by Dani Sordo, Pierre Campana and Armindo Araujo in Monte Carlo – Sordo and Campana scored 18 and 6 points respectively and Mini’s Prodrive run team collected 26 points. At the same time Araujo’s own team got 4 points in manufacturers rankings and driver himself collected one point. Admittedly, I’m not 100% on how rules apply in this case hence why this question came to mind.

And finally, under what name will Prodrive’s team run this years World Rally Championship?

Let’s see if we can find some answers.