Sordo: “Every day comes a new story”

Dani Sordo concluded first day of practice in Sweden with his usual message to Facebook friends and followers. This time Spaniard shared some thoughts about the recent Mini shakeups. Judging from his words it seems Mini did not confuse just fans and journalists yesterday but the drivers as well.

Dani Sordo:
“After the first day of workouts in Sweden, very little snow on the stages and if there is any it’s very soft so I think we’ll see a lot of exposed dirt and gravel on stages.

I’d like to give an explanation for everything that is happening between your computer and BMW Mini, but I was the same as you, each day comes a new story, only I can tell you that Carlos and I are here to defend our second place in the world while we can and will do for us but also for you, a big hug.”