World Rally Radio’s turn to stir up drama

Even the most masochistic types will have to admit World Rally Championship is turning into a drama fest, in which news about drivers and rallying and fans are being pushed back by constant stream of bad stuff, bitter reports and most of all lack of proper, old-fashion, easy-to-understand information.

But just in case you can still spare room for more bad or not-so-good news… It appears it is now World Rally Radio’s turn to stir up drama and bring even more uncertainty into WRC.

Any tangible information is beyond our reach at this point, but Twitter is pretty active with commenting on apparent problems within World Rally Radio. At least that’s what it looks like from our perspective. It seems Colin Clark, the popular Voice of Rally and Stage End Reporter, will not be part of Rally Sweden coverage. If there is any coverage to speak of.

Before you even ask, no we don’t know if this news is in any way connected to recent departure of Becs Williams from WRR team, but it may as well be.

We’ll update this post as soon as we find out more info. Although I’m not sure if we can take any more bad stuff. Really.