Leading drivers selected starting positions for Leg 1

Following the results of Qualifying Stage leading drivers lined up to select starting positions for tomorrow’s first leg of 2012 Rally Sweden.

Not surprisingly, leading drivers opted for very low starting positions – trend started by Qualifying Stage winner Jari-Matti Latvala. Finnish driver was first to pick his position and he selected 17th spot.

Sebastien Loeb selected 19th position on starting “grid” and honour to be the first driver on track (and quite possibly act as sweeping service) went to Mini driver Paulo Nobre. With reports of snow being more common on tomorrow’s first leg stages, picking lower positions might provide more grip but it will also largely depend on state of the surface and it’s tendency to develop ruts.

Starting order for Leg 1:
1. Nobre (Mini WRC)
2. Neuville (DS3 WRC)
3. Van Merksteijn (DS3 WRC)
4. Goransson (Mini WRC)
5. Solowow (Fiesta WRC)
6. Novikov (Fiesta WRC)
7. Araujo (Mini WRC)
8. Ogier (Fabia S2000)
9. Ketomaa (Fiesta WRC)
10. H.Solberg (Fiesta WRC)
11. Sordo (Mini WRC)
12. Prokop (Fiesta WRC)
13. Sandell (Mini WRC)
14. Tänak (Fiesta WRC)
15. P.Solberg (Fiesta WRC)
16. Novikov (Fiesta WRC)
17. Latvala (Fiesta WRC)
18. Hirvonen (DS3 WRC)
19. Loeb (DS3 WRC)
20. Ostberg (Fiesta WRC)
21. Brynildsen (Fiesta WRC).