Latvala remains in the lead, Solberg still pushed by Ostberg

Short final stage of the day did not bring much changes into the overall classification in Sweden with Jari-Matti Latvala holding on to top spot of the provisional podium with 23 seconds advantage over another Finn, Mikko Hirvonen.

Behind the two battling Finns there is another Scandinavian war going on and this time between two Norwegians – Petter Solberg ended day 2 of action by securing third spot, although the gap to fourth placed Mads Ostberg is too small for comfort.

Sharing the victory on Hagfors sprint stage with Ott Tanak, Sebastien Loeb minimally increased his lead over Henning Solberg and is now sixth. With over 40 seconds behind Evgeny Novikov Loeb’s only chance of further climbing up the order lies in either of top five drivers getting into problems on tomorrow’s final day of Rally Sweden. Meanwhile, Ott Tanak, who joined Go Fast team in place of injured Matt Wilson, was declared winner of Colin’s Crest jump competition by flying 32 meters.


1. LATVALA J.-M. / ANTTILA M. 02:28:06.4
2. HIRVONEN M. / LEHTINEN J. 02:28:27.5
3. SOLBERG P. / PATTERSON C. 02:28:58.9
4. ØSTBERG M. / ANDERSSON J. 02:29:09.5
5. NOVIKOV E. / GIRAUDET D. 02:30:20.1
6. LOEB S. / ELENA D. 02:30:57.5
7. SOLBERG H. / MINOR I. 02:31:07.5
8. SANDELL P. / PARMANDER S. 02:32:39.7
9. PROKOP M. / HRŮZA Z. 02:32:41.4
10. BRYNILDSEN E. / MENKERUD C. 02:33:15.6