Henning Solberg not fond of the new qualifying system

Norwegian driver did not particularly enjoy the new qualification stage system which was used in Rally Sweden for the first time. Go Fast pilot thinks new system is not fair towards privateers. However, Henning did not offer any valid alternative, and we all know how ugly things looked in recent years with deliberate slowing on stages and whatnot.

“I don’t think new system is good at all. Privateers are handicapped because if they don’t score a good result on Qualifying Stage or cannot complete it they are forced to clear the track for two days. Then it becomes impossible to be on the limit and catch the drivers in front, just impossible for privateers.”

“Yes we do get a chance to be first on the road for all the fans and cheering, but it’s ruining our chances in battling with the drivers who have better starting positions”, Henning was quoted by Varmlands Folkblad. According to same article, Norwegian is still not 100% certain he will compete in Mexico.