Mads Ostberg switches to BMW

Norwegian youngster Mads Ostberg proved his worth behind the wheel numerous times, but you can never have too much fun behind the wheel of a rally car, can you.

So in order to have fun and “prove young generation knows how to drift with style”, Mads is taking on intersting challenge and the one more suited to the rallies of the past. He will replace his usual four wheel drive state of the art WRC machine with something a bit less sophisticated.

Instead of Ford Fiesta RS WRC Ostberg will compete behind the wheel of an iconic BMW M3 in one of it’s most famous guises. With over 300 BHP and rear wheel drive talented Norwegian will certainly need to adapt his driving style a fair bit, but that’s what rally drivers do when they want to have (even more) fun.

Co-driven by close friend Thomas Evjenn, Ostberg will face some stiff competition, according to Norsk Rally site, namely from former Norwegian champion Birger Gundersen, also in BMW M3.

Rally Hadeland takes place tomorrow, more info on