Video find: Audi S1 tribute

There’s no doubt in my mind about the group B cars – they are the monsters from the legends, glorious and dangerous machines that only the chosen few ever had a chance to tame. Or rather, try to tame.

One of the most iconic representatives of this wild and unique period in the history of rally is Audi S1 in it’s various incarnations. Gorgeously ugly and screamingly fast, this block of metal and plastic delivered unprecedented performance on track and is solely responsible for permanent four wheel drive system making it’s way into rally as well as manufacturers pushing the boundaries of amount of power crammed into these cars.

Without any special reason other than joy of looking at these beautiful beasts in action I browsed Youtube a bit and found this fan made tribute video, stitched together from the footage of several years of Eifel Rallye classic festival in Germany. Main and only star is Audi’s racing machine. Even if it’s not always driven at the limit, it is still magnificent and tells it’s story of times when rallying was pure motorsport pornography for drivers and fans alike.

And below it there is another Audi S1 tribute video, but this time made from original footage made during the 80s. Enjoy.