Photo: Rally Sweden by Ondřej Zeman of

Earlier today I promised two high quality photo reports from second round of the World Rally Championship in Sweden. First one was done by Istvan Salgovari, and this one is signed by Ondřej Zeman.

Superb collection of images from Sweden, available in pretty high resolution and signed only by a small signature watermark reveals a true artist behind the camera, but also behind the screen in colour and exposure balancing in software.

As you can see, Ondřej did a great job both on stages and in post-processing, and his images are extremely vivid and full of action. Similar to Istvan from my earlier post, Ondřej’s site offers additional galleries from huge number of events from previous seasons, displaying both World Rally Championship events as well as local and national rallies in Czech Republic and other countries.

Long story short – click on link below and check Ondřej’s work, and after that make sure to click “Follow” next to his name on Twitter. Enjoy. website by Ondřej Zeman.