Volkswagen Gol in rally guise to open stages in Mexico

Organisers of Rally Mexico, third round of 2012 World Rally Championship, cleared out some of the recent confusion about the possibile debut of Volkswagen Polo R WRC, although those rumors were mainly initiated by poorly translated news and announcements rather than actual facts. Shame on you Google!

So, unfortunately for all Volkswagen fans Polo R WRC will NOT make a debut in Mexico, not even as a zero car, despite several rally portals claiming otherwise. I guess most of those misunderstandings come from the fact that news about Volkswagen’s backing of Mexican event usually contain mentions of Polo R WRC project and it’s planned arrival in 2013. Some editors just go overly excited (me included, I’d love to see Polo in competition soon) when they see Polo’s name and that’s how some of those news are born. :)

Instead of bringing Polo R WRC to Mexico Volkswagen will supply organisers with two Amaroks and one rally prepared Gol (that’s Gol, not Golf), which will be used as zero cars for opening of the stages.

Polo R WRC debut is, therefore, still not within sight. In the meantime, I would kindly ask rally organisers and Volkswagen to stop spamming the world with “Polo R WRC coming in 2013” news – yes, we got it. It’s coming in 2013.

Disclaimer: I truly hope I did not misunderstood something about this myself. If so, shame on me!