Video: Crazy Leo’s crazy reflexes in testing for 100 AW

What do you do when you want to show your technicians how certain changes to car’s setup work? Well, you can either talk a lot and wave your arms around trying to explain the car behavior. Or you can simply strap your technican to co-driver’s seat, stick a helmet on him and take your car to the stage.

And that’s exactly what Crazy Leo Urlichich did while preparing for the 100 Acre Wood Rally. In order to improve car’s handling in sharp turns, team made some changes to the car and then Leo and unnamed technican went for a run in the woods. Changes to setup were obviously good, as Leo and his mechanic confirmed after the run.

Unfortunately, Leo’s luck ran out on him on stage 9 of Rally in 100 Acre Wood, when previously damaged part of steering system finally gave way and Impreza ended up hugging the tree.