Video: The Grid, episode 2

New show covering everything motorsport successfully ran it’s second lap, or rather episode, today. Neil Cole and Kevin Shepherd were once again joined by host of motorsport experts via phone and Skype and again they covered just about everything that went on in the world of car racing in the past week.

If for whatever reason you missed any of the Formula 1, rallying or NASCAR action (yep, there was action even in NASCAR, all they needed to do is put a helicopter engine on a car full of jet fuel and smash a NASCAR car into it)… erm, so, if you missed any of that and wish to catch up with the latest in rallying and racing, you need to get yourself on The Grid.

Among many interesting topics covered by Kevin and Neil and their guests I’d pick wonderful prediction of F1 teams performance in 2012 by Kevin as well as detailed report of rally events by Andrew Coley.

Episode 2 is just below so stop reading and start watching so I can stop typing. There! (Did I just get a mention by Neil at the end of the show? I did get a mention! Thanks guys!)