Poll: Subaru wins ahead of Lancia and Opel

Not surprisingly Subaru still enjoys huge popularity among rally fans and according to World Rally Blog’s poll, fans would love to see Japanese brand back in the World Rally Championship. Well, when I say “huge” I don’t really mean it based on the still-modest turnout to this poll, but the overall feeling and emotions of rally fans around the world.

Blue Imprezas were once the symbols of rallying. Dare I say that Imprezas took over when Lancia retired from WRC, taking the immortal Delta Integrales with it. Seventeen percent of WRB voters would love to see Lancia back in WRC business. With recent rumours about Fiat’s taking interest in World Rally Championship there is some hope, although I wouldn’t be dusting off my old Martini Lancia fan banner just yet.

Behind third placed Opel fourth spot went to Renault-Nissan ahead of Kia-Hyundai. And as much as fans would love to see Subaru and Lancia back, they don’t have same ideas about Mitsubishi or Toyota, both of which managed to collect just 8 votes in total.

Hopefully in not so distant future WRB audience will grow to bigger numbers, and then I’ll run this poll again to see if anything has changed. In the meantime, I am pretty sure true rally fans would be happy if any of the brands listed in this poll would announce their WRC comeback/entry!

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