Atko: “Gutted!”

Chris Atkinson’s reaction to unfortunate retirement at the end of special stage 16 was pretty easy to predict. Australian went through great efforts in order to secure this one-off outing in the World Rally Championship and it’s always bitter to end rally prematurely. Atko’s off at the end of sixteenth stage was caused by brakes malfunction.

“Gutted to go out like that! Brakes failed at end of SS16. No chance to slow it down. So disappointed considering all the support we’ve had”, Atkinson tweeted.

Another retiree today was Mini’s Paulo Nobre. Brazilian damaged the car beyond immediate repair and was forced to call the day earlier today. However, according to recent Motorsport Italia’s tweet, Nobre’s car is going to be ready for yet another Rally2 return tomorrow.

photo: Colin Clark aka voiceofrally