Photo: Rally Mexico as seen by “Mc” & “Klein”

If you consider yourself a fan of rallying then you are familiar with the famous McKlein photography machine and their distinctive approach to documenting the World Rally Championship. Reinhard Klein and Colin McMaster are guilty of some of the most memorable WRC imagery and you can be sure each picture will tell it’s own story. And there are many stories in the World Rally Championship.

You won’t find PR perfect images of cars with all sponsors logos nicely visible in McKlein’s catalogue. Their work is of someone who lives and understands and feels rally, and not just sit on camera shutter button, leaving all the work to autofocus and hoping 1 of out 20 images will be usable. This is art.

Highly successful team is well known for their publishing efforts as well. Some of the most awe inspiring rallying calendars and books wear their signatures, yet they continue to travel around the world and freeze in snow and ice, eat dust and sit on cactuses only to do what they do best – document exciting and unique world of rallying.

For me personally, seeing their images and understanding (to a degree!) the emotions and knowledge involved, Mc & Klein are the world champions of rallying photography.

What they thought of Rally Mexico and which images they consider the best you can see on MaxRally website. For anyone even marginally interested in motorsport photography these images are excellent source of technical info as McKleins were kind enough to share their lens, cameras, shutter speed and focal length data with the rest of the world.

McKlein Photography website is here –

Photo: McKlein