Video: Rally co-driving, the Italian way

Rally is so much fun, regardless if you’re behind the wheel, or reading the pace notes! It’s just one of those things. If you are lucky enough to be a part of a rally crew, then I’m sure you know the feeling. And what can make it even better is to have mutual understanding but also share common sense of humour and fun. In such case your rallying adventure will become one big party.

Despite Italian drivers absence from the World Rally Championship top category, rally is very popular in Italy and Italian drivers are regulars in European championship and Intercontinental Rally Challenge events. And while we all love and enjoy the uberprofessional drivers and co-drivers that make the WRC roster, I am also very fond of people just enjoying their time in rally cars and seeking for fun as well as results.

One of the best “in for fun as well” examples is undoubtedly the Italian crew Jonathan Sala and Marco Trapletti. Their exploits in N1 and A6 classes of rallying are well known, but only when you check their onboards you get the real sense of just how much fun these guys are having.

Enough talk, watch the videos and enjoy. Love rally!