Video: Mad(s) Ostberg showing off his flying skills

Rally cars and snow slopes are perfect match – Ken Block proved it a while ago when he took his then favourite Impreza for a spin among the snowboarders and skiers.

I’m not sure if this is going to become a new wintersport anytime soon, but it seems more rally drivers are keen to try their skills on the slopes of ski resorts.

If you combine rally car and snow with Mads Ostberg you can be pretty sure results will be thrilling, spectacular and fun. Young Norwegian is one of the upcoming stars of the World Rally Championship, but he’s also keen on establishing himself in a discipline best described as crazy fun behind the wheel. But Mads was not going just for fun – with the hop 50 meters long he was aiming at the world record.

Let’s just use Mads’ own quote here: “The craziest thing I’ve done!” – the rest is in the video behind this link.

via @E_Brynildsen