Video: Ford previews 2012 Rally Portugal – “We will be smart in this rally”

Ford really needs a strong result in Portugal and based on their statements and thoughts, they are preparing to take this event with a bit more caution, but with no less determination to win and score points.

Victory for Petter Solberg on Fafe Rally Sprint and fastest time of both Fords in qualifying reveal little of that plan to be cautious, but Solberg insists both him and Jari-Matti Latvala will try and not go flat out right from the start in order to avoid the accidents and tyre issues. In Mexico those were very costly and tyres are expected to play even more prominent role in Portugal.

Ford’s usual video preview to the upcoming event this time talks more about the Fafe rally event than WRC rally, but it’s very interesting and entertaining. Team’s motivation can be felt in their words and actions and it seems they’re very serious about making this rally a comeback one for the Ford.

My favourite part of this video? Miikka Anttila’s reaction to Chris Patterson’s barrage of pace notes – while Miikka only used “Left 5” for this corner, Chris has a bit more info hidden in his notes about the same piece of road. Watch!