Solberg: “I will shave everything, beard included!”

What better way to kill some time while waiting for action to continue in Rally Portugal than to watch a show devoted entirely and thoroughly to motorsports of all kind, The Grid.

Neil Cole and Kevin Shepherd pushed this show to it’s sixth episode, which aired last night in it’s new, longer format. Even before the show it was pretty obvious what will be the main topic – Ferrari’s shocking victory in Malaysia, and once again Tancredi Palmeri hopped in to share his thoughts from an Italian perspective.

Then there was this so called former world champion turned spoiled brat who got his toys taken away from him, Sebastian Vettel and his clash with mild-mannered Narain Karthikeyan.

One of the highlights of the show was live skyping-in by Petter Solberg himself, beard included. Petter was as chatty and witty as ever, but one thing in particular got noted – he is seriously considering shaving his beard, but he lacks support from his chief stylist, his son. However… however, Petter mentioned a possibility of removing everything, beard included, so if you were looking for this piece of information, you have it now. I’m looking at you Katka!

Show also had Alexander Rossi and NASCAR report with several other subjects and to top it all off, both Neil and Kev did their weatherman dance in front of world map.

To witness this unique feature, and all others, yourself check the video below.