Ford tech chief furious over double retirement

Who would have thought! They can even get mad and disappointed beyond the usual “of course, we’re disappointed, but we are looking forward” diplomatic gibberish, served by top teams in case one of their drivers ends up retiring.

And while we are still waiting for the proper “Effing hell, that was utter bollocks what you guys did out there, shame on you reckless brats” comments by either team, Ford’s tech chief┬áChristian Loriaux provided us with a more elaborate review of double zero score by his team’s drivers.

“OK, it’s easy to say all they had to do was stay on the road and I’m sure it was like Indonesia in the old days, but a load of our other cars managed to get through. It was just survival.

“After Jari went off, Petter had 20 seconds on Mikko, he could have backed off more. It’s just such a waste of a turnaround in the championship, we had it on a silver tray and we have put the tray in the bin and then buried the bin.” Christian Loriaux said.

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