Mikko Hirvonen disqualified, Mads Ostberg inherits victory

Drama in Portugal just refuses to die. If we’re to trust Julien Porter and Colin Clark and their tweets from Portugal, Citroën’s remaining crew of Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen has been excluded from the results due to non conforming clutch in their DS3 WRC.

This puts Mads Ostberg on top step of the podium, awarding him with first WRC victory of his career. Evgeny Novikov gets second and Petter Solberg third place.

If Colin and Julien just played a prank on us, however, revenge will be ugly!

More info as I get it.

UPDATE: Citroën is considering appeal.

UPDATE #2:Stewards Decision.

UPDATE #3: Citroën decided to appeal stewards decision.