Video: 2012 Rally Portugal by Best of Rally Live

It’s pretty impossible to try and squeeze everything that happened in this year’s Rally Portugal in one video report, but Michelin’s Best of Rally Live somehow did it. Highlight video features the most important moments from the event in an exciting format, but I believe 4 and a half minutes are not nearly enough.

Hence I strongly suggest a visit to Best of Rally Live’s video page and enjoying their videos one by one, from first day and dramatic exit by Sebastien Loeb to the last, marked by Ford’s problems and Citro├źn’s (then secured) victory.

To top it off, you can also enjoy videos from previous events. So, if current TV coverage is not your cup of tea and/or you missed all broadcasts on TV, take a look at Michelin’s archive, you won’t regret it.

Best of Rally Live Video Page