Rally Portugal video reviews by Ford and Citroën

It was one of those rallies you simply cannot forget and will remember for a long time – so many ups and downs, highpoints and bitter disappointments… in short, it was a proper rally.

What went on and around the stages as well as in stewards’ office is well known and discussed already, but I had to come back to this event one more time today by checking video reports from Citroën Racing and Ford WRT.

If by any chance you’ve missed any of the action last week, these two videos will help you with the most important highlights. Personally, I’ve been glued to the screen (and a set of headphones) throughout the rally, but one can never have too much of rally footage, right?

Time to relive excitements of 2012 Rally Portugal one final time before we wrap this one up and turn our attention to the upcoming marathon monster of a rally in Argentina.