Rally2, yet another look at this menace

  • It seems silly to call on Rally2 to be ditched while the WRC is going through tough times with a lack of teams, competitors and (especially, because of their money) manufacturers. It also seems silly to be going down the path of longer stages, with more chance for the car to break or the driver to break (mentally, and crash) when WRC is going through tough times, all for “the challenge” and for the “crew’s experience”

    Maybe once the WRC is back to good health, something akin of Formula 1 at the moment, with good manufacturer involvement, good TV coverage, a good sponsor base and a large fan base should you call on this stuff to be introduced.

    For what it’s worth, from a purists point of view I agree with you. I just don’t think it’s the right time at the moment, not with everything else that’s going on.


  • Anne

    You do have a point here, as usual. Especially when we think about 50-60 km “endurance” stages, it is not fare if a retired grew gets only a 5 min. penalty. With Rally2 they get a fresh start in the morning with an untouched set of tyres and relaxed mood. The other crews on the road have worn out their cars, strenght, spirit – and tyres – and maybe lost a lot more than 5 min. during the race. The penalty minutes should definitely be in relation to the length of the stage.

    We have travelled thousands of km one way to support our countrymen in foreign rallies a few times. Each time one has ended up being on the podium and the other in the ditch. In one occation we would not have seen a single glimpse of the latter without the SuperRally, and that could have been the last rally trip for us. Why spend your time and money for nothing – especially if there is just one particular driver that you support?! Therefore, I strongly stand for the concept of Rally2 as long as it is also fare to the crews that stay on the road from start to finish.

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