Sordo to Ford, Latvala to Volkswagen?

Nothing can stop the WRC rumour mill. Season is already pretty silly and spectacular as it is, but few unresolved questions are still lingering and keeping us all entertained between the events.

Lastest one is no doubt Jari-Matti Latvala’s injury and inability to compete in Rally Argentina, which sent Ford looking for substitute. According to reports, Malcolm Wilson offered the seat to Prodrive’s main pilot Dani Sordo, and not suprisingly Spaniard was delighted with the idea.

However, as Spanish AS reports, Sordo needs permission from his current employer Prodrive, and this is still pending. Information on the amount of zeros needed to spell “permission” is unavailable at this moment.

This brings out another obviously quite popular rumour, which I am ashamed I wasn’t aware of until today. And this famous rumour claims Jari-Matti Latvala signed preliminary contract with Volkswagen as early as last year, and is expected to make the switch from Ford to VW for 2013.

Reportedly, Sordo is excited with the idea of doing Argentina for Ford, as well as securing a permanent works drive for 2013, after huge disappointment suffered at the start of 2012 season and the odd withdrawal of BMW/Mini from the WRC.

It’s a wonderful and exciting show, cannot argue with that. This season is proving to be quite a special one both on and off the track, and it seems even the drivers transfers will be as interesting.

I’ll try and leave conspiracy theories for some other article. Otherwise I might just go into loonie mode and suspect Jari-Matti’s crashes are part of a master plan against Ford. But I will not!

Information sourced from and @voiceofrally (among others).