Video: Citroën Road Show in Argentina, must see

This, my friends, is how you promote your car brand through sports, bringing your racing activities to the people and showing off your road cars for maximum effect. It’s no wonder Citroën knows how to advertise and promote their stuff – after all, company founder Andre Citroën was considered a guru of marketing and he basically introduced creative thinking into automotive industry marketing.

Traditionally, Citroën starts off the festivities by organising Road Show spectacle, featuring all of their drivers, co-drivers, WRC machines and latest road cars. All in one exciting and dynamic package. And best of all, anyone can get very close to the action, and experience the sounds and sights of WRC cars screaming down the straight, burning rubber or taking big jumps.

No doubt Citroën invests big in WRC programme, but they’re not just throwing money out the window. Instead, it’s road shows such as this that bring their brand closer to the public and potential buyers, thus justifying fair amount of money spent in WRC playground.

If I was in position to be able to afford buying a new car, and with my traditional soft spot for French vehicles, I would most likely be thinking about one of the “chevrons”. Although, my love for funny ass (I currently own Renault Megane II) is not really happy with the look of Citro’s back ends. But I digress!

Disclaimer for the funny people – not payed by Citroën to write this – this is simply fan of cars and rallying speaking.