WRC – business not Olympics

  • Kid_Voltron

    Love it! Great post…but sometimes team orders don’t make sense…as in this past weeks rally…whether Seb would have won without assistance of team orders we don’t know…but it definitely would have been more interesting…Mikko put in a massive fight, but my question is, was there any real reason for Matton’s very early call for team orders, I’d like to hear your perspective on that one…considering what happened to Mikko in Portugal, now Argentina…it just seemed harsh on Mikko…naybe the primadonna was right about dirty tactics…great article!

    • Glad you liked the post. Regarding early call by Citroen – I suppose they’re experienced enough to see how this fight could have ended for them both so early call was pretty well expected. Besides, they took 0 points in Portugal so it was team first, drivers second. And ultimately, Mikko was told about his position in team when joined Citroën and he said he was fine with that. I believe Mikko should be happy with the pace and reputation he is building for himself, he is challenging Seb already and as much as he dislike being bossed around I think he might be thinking about future – he could be the one taking over the reins of Citroën if one day in 2055 Loeb decides to retire. :)

  • flat-over-crest

    Team orders per se are not such an issue-lack of competition,manufacturers and promotion is…Team orders are just as old as motorsport itself,i.e. Moss vs Fangio,Petterson vs Andretti,or Waldergaard vs Munari.
    Does anyone remember team orders in Monte Carlo 1987,for example? With the exception of Kankkunen,not many,since the teamsand brand new cars were surging in and everyone knew better times were ahead.Ditto :Acropolis and Sanremo 1997,in the heydays of the then-new WRCars.
    Things like that are more disturbing now because Loeb and Citroen have dominated for what seems like an Age (and pretty dark one,too) and such tactics rob us of our slim chances of a good clean fight.If there were 4,5,or 6 works teams in WRC and about 8 or 10 top winning drivers,who would care?

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