Green Croatia Rally 2012

Upcoming third round of FIA European Rally Championship takes place at the end of May in Croatia, and organizers are busy preparing features which will not only enhance sporting element of the rally but also bring more attention to environment preservation. It’s not rare that motorsport in particular become target of criticism for it’s alleged harmful effects on the environment, and although such claims can be easily dismissed it’s nice to see rally organizers taking extra steps in minimizing “harmful footprint” of rally events.

The organizer decided to point out importance of environmentally responsible behavior with this year’s race. In co-operation with JSC for collection, recycling and trade of residue and waste Metis, “eco-islands” will be set for collecting and separating waste generated in the process of motor racing in two ways.

One involves the Service Park where containers for recycling will be placed as follows: used tires, waste oil and lubricants, used batteries and accumulators, oily rags and gloves and waste cardboard and paper.

Second, and visually more interesting for the viewers, will surely be Super Stage Preluk where crash barriers will be made from bales of packing cans and cardboard packing.
Promotion of sport and ecology will continue within workshops and organized competitions for the public, on our main pedestrian street and town centre, Korzo on 25th of May 2012 continuing with the theme of waste disposal.

The goal of this year’s ecological theme of Croatia Rally is to point out the importance of ecology in everyday life and auto sport in general, and also link environmentally conscious behavior with the sporting code amongst the drivers.