Back to back rallies – how’s this for endurance?

  • Michael Spencer

    I’m not sure you’ve thought this post through too well.

    You want to make longer events, push them in to a shorter, more punishing timeframe, yet somehow cut costs, bring media and new teams in?

    Where’s the logic there?

    • No logic indeed, that was the point – first I stretched the endurance idea to the maximum and then I tried to bring more sense into it all and ask FIA to get the priorities right – instead of pushing expensive ideas they should first bring more teams, fans and media in and then go about upping the expenses for everyone involved. :)

  • I’m not sure that each event would be longer in this format.

    Consider if you had Australia one weekend and New Zealand the next. You could consider these two events as “Heat 1” and “Heat 2” of the “Oceania Rally”.

    Teams would be limited in the time they get to spend with the cars between the events and limited in the number of parts they can use; just like they are during a single event.

    Instead of 4 very long days to fit a large number of kilometres in, you have 2 weekends with more manageable length days.

    This has advantages for the event management as well. It is tough on the organisers, many of whom are volunteers, to commit for days on end. A normal rally event, including recce, shakedown, media days before 3 days of competition already means almost a fortnight full-time commitment for many of the Stage Commanders.

    I also may be biased because I can see how this would cut down costs to come to my home country (Australia) every year. At present we “share” our WRC round with New Zealand but a combined “round” over two weekends would mean both countries get to see the big boys. :)

    • Oh, I also forgot to say that the “Heat 1” and “Heat 2” idea is already in play in the Australian Rally Championship.

      Each ARC event is held over two days and points are awarded at the end of each day.

      It also allows for teams who crash out in the first heat to re-join the rally at the beginning of the second heat without having huge time penalties (as everyone starts from zero again). The ability to run a second day is great for sponsors and fans alike.

  • Michael Spencer

    This concept would be more expensive. You’d need two sets of equipment / service park / parts / spares as you would not be able to do this unless your flew everything from one event to the other.
    Also, in the event of an accident on one rally, you’d either need to send via urgent (expensive) airfreight a second car, or routinely send spare cars for each driver (expensive) in order to ensure that you can compete on both events.
    In the case that the events had one spare weekend in between (such as Australia and NZ used to be) you wouldn’t save any money as you’d either have to pay for your crew, staff to be sitting idle for a week or you’d fly them back and forth.

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