Live TV, yes please, even if only onboards!

I don’t care what naysayers are naying, for me personally any kind of live TV from any kind of rally is better than having nothing instead or having only end stage radio reports. No matter how hard you try and how many emotion you bring into the stage end radio reporting, you can only do so much in describing the excitement and speed of that particular stage. But put cameras in few cars, get a helicopter in the air and you have a whole new dimension added – just watching IRC competitors storming through the “donkey highways” of Corsica was enough to get the adrenalin running.

But this is a no-brainer really, pictures can do huge things for rally and it’s popularity. Moving pictures especially. So what Eurosport did in Corsica was and is great – even if there are no cameras on ground and everything relies mostly on onboards, it’s still TV, you can still show it to your friends who are curious about rally and you can just enjoy seeing crews doing their jobs.

Hope is still alive we will be able to enjoy some of this in the World Rally Championship as well sometime soon. Like this year, perhaps?

Regaring Eurosport coverage, I understand there will be no second live stage today (some girls will be hitting rubber lemons instead) but the two scheduled for tomorrow will be on air as planned at 11.00 CET and 18.00 CET.