World Rally Radio – The Rally Show episode 3

Catch up latest news and info about rally in latest installment of World Rally Radio’s “The Rally Show”.

Presented by Neil Cloughley and Chris Rawes and yet another interesting pack of guests show can be followed either by visiting websites of either iRally, World Rally Radio or via iRally apps for mobile devices.

At the moment Andrew Coe, Chief Executive of Rally GB is discussing challenges and opportunities surrounding one of the iconic events in World Rally Championship calendar and particularly interesting is a bit talking about costs and expenses usually involved with running such an event.

David Higgins and Brendan Reeves are expected to appear “on air” as well so plenty of interesting rally topics for the masses.

Use the links above and get your fix of one of the best rally shows around – and if you miss it, World Rally Radio will rerun episode as well as make them available as podcasts.