Video: Mikko, Jarmo and their epic journey from Argentina to Greece

It’s now official, Mikko Hirvonen is not having it easy in Citroën, even though he looks as relaxed and cool as ever on every rally.

It is true Citroën gave Mikko the chance to compete in their state-of-the-art Citroën DS3 WRC machine, but he has to earn his living the hard way and must remain humble and modest thanks to Citroën’s cruel initiation process.

Part of this process includes traveling around the world mostly on foot, or golf carts, on horse and I’m pretty sure they’ll invent more such methods of torture as the season progresses.

To get from Argentina to Greece Mikko had to switch from 300-ish horse powers to single one. And when he finally arrived to Greece, guess who greeted him there?