Loeb tops the rallying Olympus in Greece

  • flat-over-crest

    While Loeb isn’t clearly my favourite driver,he absolutely deserves all his success.Maybe he isn’t the fastest (not anymore,anyway) but he knows how to pace himself ,when to push hard and avoids mistakes.Shame for both Ford drivers,but they shot themselves in the foot for the 3rd rally in a row this year.Bit of an anti-climax this final day.Well,there’s always Ogier and VW coming next year to dream about.Wake me up when Acropolis 2013 comes along.

  • Alex

    Ohhh petter not again it was so close but too much effort.
    Great result for Mikko not a great performance but a nice result.
    And Ostberg as 3rd in the championship in front of two Ford main drivers.

  • New disaster in Ford, i would like to know what is happening with Solberg and Latvala.This year is being very very bad.

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