Guess what, Lancia to return to WRC in 2014

Former Lancia works driver and World Champion Miki Biasion dropped a bomb on WRC community by claiming italian marque plans it’s return to World Rally Championship in 2014.

You read it correctly – Lancia to return to WRC. The same brand that brought the immortal Stratos, 037, Delta S4 and Delta HF could once again join the WRC parade in two years.

And what Mr. Biasion suggests is Lancia would be using special new model, derived from existing chrome-laden and not very sporty Ypsilon. According to Biasion, new model could be using another famous name from Lancia’s rich heritage, Fulvia, and it would be longer and sitting lower than current Ypsilon. Well, one would imagine that, right?

Offically, still no word on whether this is true or not, but way to tease the WRC scene, good job! Right there with the news about Nokia’s departure. This Lancia thing better not be trolling!