Biasion denies announcing Lancia’s return

Whatever happens with Lancia and it’s alleged return to the World Rally Championship scene, it will have nothing to do with former double World Rally Champion Miki Biasion.

Although he was quoted as the source of the original news, Biasion now reportedly denies ever making such statement according to Italian rally website Rally Emotion.

It appears Mr. Biasion was either misquoted or one of the infamous “fake” accounts in social networks was used to “attach” such statement to him.

At least for one day we tried to convince ourselves that Lancia was indeed coming back. And that’s something I guess.

Despite the odds, it’s quite possible we just might see Lancia or Fiat, perhaps even Alfa Romeo, making it’s way on to the WRC scene, once the latter sorts it’s many problems out.

Link to Rally Emotion article.