TIL: Peugeot will NOT rejoin WRC, Hyundai just might

One of the least interesting topics ever to emerge in WRC community – will Peugeot rejoin World Rally Championship – came to totally unexpected end after French company issued a standard Capt. Obvious statement.

“Peugeot cannot compete against Citroën”, said Peugeot, of PSA Peugeot Citroën group to Autocar, otherwise highly reputable publication. Unless they’re “reviewing” or “testing” Fiesta RS WRC in public roads.

Assuming there is a slight intention of bringing Peugeot back to WRC in future, but that intention would most certainly mean Citroën will be looking for an exit from the series and Peugeot could just remove Citroën panels from existing WRC machine and attach their own.

In other news, Fiat will NOT enter Formula 1 with Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen Group does NOT plan to introduce Porsche to DTM. Odd, I know.

In other other news, Hyundai/Kia are very strong candidates for new WRC recruits, seeing they are growing rapidly in European car market and with Volkswagen hopefully joining WRC they will be inclined to do the same. Just because, well, everyone wants to beat Volkswagen in Europe. Latest rumours claim Hyundai is considering i20 WRC and as early as 2013, most likely in selected few rallies.

Let’s just hope FIA finally sorts the damn thing out, introduces proper promoter and stop acting like this sport will sort itself out, like the current problems are some kind of glitch.