Hyundai ready to join WRC, good timing!

In what I sincerely hope will not turn out to be the worst case of wrong timing, Hyundai is getting very, very ready to join what’s left of the World Rally Championship.

Boosted by the arrival of Volkswagen next year (that is if organizers manage to pay the extortion fee to FIA and there actually will be any rallies to run), Hyundai is looking to challenge their road car market arch enemy on WRC stages.

Weapon of choice will be Hyundai’s player in compact class, namely i20. Parts and components for the car are reportedly getting ready and tested in Europe, and German publication auto motor und sport claims prototype is already built.

So, let’s all put on our pink glasses for a moment and pretend this is actually good news. In fact, it’s bloody good news if you ask me, but the odds of everything falling apart prematurely are so high I am actually worried two new teams might be reconsidering their WRC programme. And that would be what you’d call a nail in the coffin!

Link to auto motor und sport article