The Loch Ard stage coming to Richard Burns Rally

Exciting news for the fans of the one and only rally simulation, Richard Burns Rally (RBR) – one of the famous stages of Rally of Scotland will soon be available as RBR track.

Recreating first 8 kilometers of Loch Ard stage began at the beginning of 2010 and required constant work by the dedicated people behind RBR World project.

As the description of the promotional movie states, the stage follows the first 8 kilometers of the real track, situated near Loch Chon and river Dubh. Additional bonus will be reversed version of the new track. New stage will be available from June 22 and will be distributed at the author’s discretion.

More information in the video below and on RBR World website.

This would be good time to finally dust off my DFP wheel and fix that broken gear selector for some RBR fun!