Real Rally Championship – would Toyobaru be The Car for it? + videos

Following the earlier article that briefly described the idea of “paralel universe” rally championship, based around spectacle and lower costs and using rear wheel drive cars (and no turbos!), one car immediately jumped up as a possible entrant. It’s brand new, it’s great value for the money and it drives like they promise it would. Plus, it was created by two iconic Japanese companies – Toyota and Subaru.

You guessed it – it’s Toyobaru, or Toyota GT86, or Subaru BRZ or Scion something in the US – regardless of name and brand it basically is your ideal compact, lightweight, rear wheel drive two seater with 2 litre normally aspirated engine pushing out around 200 BHP in standard form.

More precisely, Toyota GT86 offers 200 HP from 2.0 litre boxer four cylinder engine while 6 speed manual transmission sends power to rear wheels. To improve the power distribution in corners in come the inevitable limited slip differential. Sounds quite good, doesn’t it?

Of course, such car lends itself beautifully to all kinds of competition modifications, and so far we saw it compete in endurance circuit racing as well as on rally stages at home in Japan. It looks great in action, you cannot beat the tail happy RWD for fun factor, both for drivers and spectators.

So, would this be an ideal Real Rally Championship car, provided they could push the power up to say 270 or 300 BHP while still keeping it reasonably affordable?

Skip to 0:17 in first video to see it in action, onboard view.