Cars are not the main problem, or are they?

  • Marko Suto

    Well 1.6l engines are bull’s eye, I mean, you can’t go wrong with them. Every car manufacturer has them, only thing that needs changing is the turbo size. We’ve seen 1.5l engines in the past making over 1000hp/l in F1, so I see no reason for WRC cars of today not having at least third to half that much. That would bring up the revs, power, noise, bangs and screams of the crowds. So, lets get to the power transfer. Since, like you have said, almost none of the WRC attending manufacturers produces 4WD road model of the WRC car, the solution may lay in 3rd party 4wd system produced for all WRC cars. Make it mass production, pure mechanical and therefore cheap(er).
    Another smart thing would be to ban high tech materials where ever they are not needed for their strength (weight reductions as carbon body, rear wings, rear view mirrors, etc.). This would help the privateers too, cars would be cheaper and more people would be on the stages to see the name of their sponsors.

  • The WRC cars must be four wheel drive and turbocharged forever.What the FIA must improve is media coverage of the championship or none constructor will want to incorporated it.

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